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Need a prayer for healing, financial, salvation and jobs? Do you think that it will help you to know what's you're purpose in life? Is your life shattered and broken? You can fix it by sending your prayer request. Online prayer request is a special service by LIBERATION CHURCH!! so that your prayer reaches out to the Western Wall.It gives an intercessor an increase in faith of God doing whatever His people are asking for. A person who stands in gap believes and pleads on behalf of others and lets things happen to other due to their prayers.

Thanks Dr Opia for bringing back my Wife

9 days ago by Richy Walters Pray for me
my name Gabriel Houston i want to thank Dr opia who helped me bring back my wife who was filling for divorce and a friend of mine who the great doctor helped advice me to meet him which i did and i did all what he say i should and today am happy that am testifying there are scammers all over the internet looking for somebody money to take away contact him if doubting it this is my email address ([email protected]) and i want you to contact him on his personal email address ([email protected])and he is specialize in other spell too.

Safety Love

12 days ago by Don Pray for me
YahWeh, by Yashua, keep my beloved safe from all evils! Protect her heart, soul, and body! May I be able to provide for her most important needs! May Love Prevail!

Marriage restoration

3 weeks ago by Gabriel Pray for me
Please pray Jesus saves my wife, Jamie, and brings reconciliation in our marriage. She wants to end our marriage and move on to pursue a relationship with a co-worker. God please stand for our marriage and protect us please. Praise you Lord and thank you


over a year ago by anonymous Pray for me
please pray for myself T.Shobiraj and for my mother T.vimala to win the Appeal filed in district court, Calicut Please pray for myself T.shobiraj for appeal filed in high court case in ernakulam Myself T.Shobiraj present job is not a permanent ,i am looking for a better job, help me to get a better job Please pray for My father T.Balakrishnan & My Mother T.Vimala to cure all disease My company secretary exam results for executive module ?I are on 25th August 2013, heIp me to pass the exam with good marks My Company secretary executive module ?II exam are scheduled during the month of December 2013, help to spend more time on studies and give the power to concentrate on my studies since due to lot of personal problems are not allowing me to concentrate on my studies , kindly bless me to study well and pass the up comming exam please solve all my problems and kindly pray to almighty god to solve problems


over a year ago by anonymous Pray for me
i need for jesus to help me be motivate. i need for him to give me strenght and courage to hold on and have faith that things will get better. i need extra motivation and for jesus to bless me with skills and patients. io know that i can do all things throught christ who strenghten me. i am happy with all the changhes in my life so far. i need for jesus to plead my case anyone who take advantage over me for jesus to fight them for me. i am very thankful that he said that he will never fail me nor forsake me, in jesus anme i pray amen

supernatural help

over a year ago by anonymous Pray for me
Please pray for me so that God will give me the money that I need and desire to do what I need to do and grant it to me right now. Please pray that I will get this money right away, because I have many concerns and problems that need to be addressed immediately. I guess human effort without God is often futile. I have objectives that I need to fulfill and I need a miracle and financial blessing right now. Thanks.

relationship and marriage

over a year ago by anonymous Pray for me
Please pray for Greg.M that the Lord may bless him and guide his heart to make the right decision which is fitting with God's will, that his heart be filled with love. Pray that God strengthens him, gives him the courage to follow his heart, and bless him with the gift of faith. Also pray that his relationship with Andrea is blessed and leads to a happy marriage.


over a year ago by anonymous Pray for me
we believes that no situation is too difficult for God to turn around, and no mountain is too high for God to move or level for his children. Prayers are made in an environment smooth&fruitful for our son&his marriage on September 2013.thanks to god&prayers.

job and disease

over a year ago by anonymous Pray for me
hi i am jijo john from india and i amsuffering from one disease called hypokalemia since 4 years and taking medicines for it . i am really fed up of this and i want a complete healing and want to lead a life without the medicines. my marriage is fixed for neext year may 2014 but the girl whom i am going to marry she wants that both should lead a spiritual life .so please do pray for us to lead a spiritual and happy life . please pary for one job we both had applied for. pray for both of the family members to lead a eternal life with lord jesus christ.

Prayer Request

over a year ago by pastor Thierry Pray for me
Prayer Request : Protection,prosperity,healing,wisdom,freedom,miracles in finances and business,protection of his health,success and miracles in pastor Thieringo?s life in Jesus name .