Liberation Church calendar 2017


01-01-2017 Holy Communion service (Sunday)

08-01-2017 Sunday service & General evangelism (Sunday)

14-01-2017 (Saturday) workers meeting

15-01-2017 (Sunday)

22-01-2017 Church general fasting and prayer(Wednesday)

29-01-2017 Fasting and prayer service(Sunday)


1st – 26th fasting and prayer the whole church

05-02-2017 Holy Communion service (Sunday)

12-02-2017 Sunday service & General evangelism (Sunday)

19-02-2017 Church general fasting and prayer(Wednesday)

26-02-2017 Fasting and prayer service(Sunday)


05-03-2017 Holy Communion service (Sunday)

12-03-2017 Sunday service & General evangelism (Sunday)

15-03-2017 Church general fasting and prayer(Wednesday)

18-03-2017 (Saturday) workers meeting)

19-03-2017 (Sunday)

26-03-2017 Fasting and prayer service along with Mother’s Day (Sunday)


02-04-2017 Holy Communion service (Sunday)

09-04-2017 Sunday service & General evangelism (Sunday)

14-04-2017 ( Good Friday) Water baptism. TIME TO BE CONFIRMED.

16-04-2017 EASTER SUNDAY (Sunday)

19-04-2017 Church general fasting and prayer(Wednesday)

30-04-2017 fasting and prayer service (Sunday)


07-05-2017 Holy Communion service (Sunday)

14-05-2017 Sunday service & General evangelism (Sunday)

20-05-2017 (Saturday) workers meeting)

17-05-2017 church general fasting and prayer(Wednesday)

21-05-2017 Men’s day (Sunday)

28-05-2017 Fasting and prayer service (Sunday)


04-06-2017 Holy Communion service (Sunday)

11-06-2017 Sunday service & General evangelism (Sunday)

14-06-2017 church general fasting and prayer(Wednesday)

18-06-2017 (Sunday) Father’s Day

25-06-2017 Fasting and prayer service (Sunday)


02-07-2017 Holy Communion service (Sunday)

08-07-2017 (Saturday) workers meeting

09-07-2017 Sunday service & General evangelism (Sunday)

14-07-2017 Praise festival (Friday)

16-07-2017 (Sunday)

19-07-2017 Church general fasting and prayer(Wednesday)

23-07-2017 (Sunday)

30-07-2017 Fasting and prayer service (Sunday)


06-08-2017 Holy Communion service (Sunday)

11-08-2017 Family Day Out (Friday)

13-08-2017 Sunday service & General evangelism (Sunday)

16-08-2017 Church general fasting and prayer(Wednesday)

20-08-2017 Children’s day (Sunday)

27-08-2017 Fasting and prayer service (Sunday)


03-09-2017 Holy Communion service (Sunday)

10-09-2017 Sunday service & General evangelism (Sunday)

13-09-2017 Church general fasting and prayer(Wednesday)

16-09-2017 (Saturday) workers meeting

17-09-2017 Pastor’s appreciation day (Sunday)

24-09-2017 Fasting and prayer service (Sunday)


01-10-2017 Holy Communion service (Sunday)

08-10-2017 Sunday service & General evangelism (Sunday)

15-10-2017 Worker’s appreciation day (Sunday)

18-10-2017 Church general fasting and prayer(Wednesday)

22-10-2017 Women’s day (Sunday)

29-10-2017 Fasting and prayer service (Sunday)


05-11-2017 Holy Communion service (Sunday)

11-11-2017 (Saturday) workers meeting

12-11-2017 Sunday service & General evangelism (Sunday)

15-11-2017 Church general fasting and prayer(Wednesday)

19-11-2017 Thanksgiving service (Sunday)

26-11-2017 Fasting and prayer service (Sunday)


03-12-2017 Holy Communion service (Sunday)

10-12-2017 Sunday service & General evangelism (Sunday)

17-12-2017 (Sunday)

20-12-2017 Church general fasting and prayer (Wednesday)

24-12-2017 Love feast(Christmas celebration) (Sunday)

31-12-2017 Night of crossing from 2017 to 2018 at 10pm-12am (Sunday) due to the corss over night, there will not be a Sunday service at 12pm.


Every first Sunday of the month we conduct Holy Communion service.

Every last Sunday is our fasting and prayer service.

Once in every month (on a Wednesday) there will be general fasting, please check calendar for date.

Every month we have a general evangelism Sunday. The Sunday service will continue as usual and 2 people or more will go out to preach the gospel.